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House Noir


Exterior Renovation


Euclid, Ohio

Welcome to the dark side, where architectural ingenuity converges with daring aesthetics to forge a house exterior that commands attention and exudes an air of mystery. Its striking exterior, adorned with deep black and varying shades of gray, establishes a powerful contrast with its environment. Nestled along the picturesque Lake Erie coast, the House Noir offers a dramatic yet elegant presence within the serene lakeside setting. This house, once cloaked in a depressing and dated facade, now emerges as a modern and captivating marvel. The clients’ challenge was clear: modernize the exterior, erase any remnants of its 1960s apartment complex identity, and create a more discernible entrance.

The façade is an intricate dance of three distinct elements: metal panels, painted brick, and an entry canopy. Each interacts harmoniously, forming layers that intrigue the observer. The construction of the canopy was a testament to our commitment to pushing architectural boundaries. Developed using a double cantilever detail, the canopy introduced an innovative challenge to the design process. It not only provides shelter but establishes a dynamic element to the overall composition of the façade.

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