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Collision Of Form


Home Addition


Bratenahl. Ohio

Compass Studio was given the opportunity to transform an older home in Cleveland by crafting a contemporary addition meant to collide with the existing house. At every level, we apply quality thought and design decisions. We wanted to create an interior that reflected the collision of design that was inspired by the exterior.

The Client was obsessed with the detail and charm of the existing home but had a desire to explore something more modern with the addition.  So that became our obsession.  Weaving the old and new, traditional, and modern into the form, experience, and detail.  The problem was how to create a modern addition that fused with the old stone bungalow, stood out on its own, and became an extension of the forest it pierced.

The look and feel of the exterior are a key distinguishing factor. The wood clad modern addition
envelops the existing sandstone bungalow and “floats” above the existing garage to hang over the view down the ivy laden ravine, giving the interior living space the feeling of a treehouse. The warmth and scale of the existing sandstone and wooded area is pulled onto the addition with accoya wood cladding.
The interior reflects the same obsession, employing traditional millwork and embellishments throughout the existing structure and transitioning through a wine portal to a modern “white box” addition. Even the kitchen cabinetry plays with the collision of styles, implementing applied moldings, inset cabinetry and slab doors and drawers.

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