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Eclectic Mid-Century


Kitchen Renovation


Euclid, Ohio

Stepping into the heart of the home, the newly completed kitchen remodel evokes a sense of nostalgic sophistication, whisking one away to the iconic era of mid-century design. Drawing the eye is the terrazzo countertop, its confetti-like patterns and earthy tones offering both visual interest and timeless grace. The surrounding reeded, stained cabinets instill warmth and texture, setting the stage for a culinary theater bestrewn with vibrant splashes of color. Commanding attention, the pristine yellow hood bestows a cheerful aura, juxtaposing the subtle hues and infusing the space with an invigorating energy. Not to be overlooked, the striking cabinet enclosing the doorway stands as a testimony to the power of color, framing the entrance with bold authenticity and ensuring the remodel leaves an indelible, vibrant impression on anyone who enters.

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