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Restored Harmony


Full Office Renovation


Hudson, OH

Built by master builder Leander Starr in 1839, the Brewster Store is an iconic symbol of the Western Reserve's history. Today, it remains one of the oldest commercial buildings still in use in the area. Its late Federal style architecture, borrowing from Boston architect Charles Bulfinch, is a rare example of brick commercial buildings featuring stepped gables, stone pilasters and insets, a roof balustrade, and a gradation in scale of the first and second-story windows. Despite initial plans to demolish the building in 1962, the community rallied together to save it, and its preservation-minded citizens went on to found the Hudson Heritage Association. Now, in 2023, we are proud to have continued this legacy by embarking on a renovation that brings the Brewster building into the 21st century while celebrating its rich history.

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The first floor of this building is the heart of social interaction. This expansive space is designed to welcome guests and to facilitate communication with easy access to different common spaces, making it the perfect place to hold meetings or conferences. This space is rich with history and preservation, including the old bank vaults and the sitting area. The restored vaults, with their old worldly charm, have been connected to the sitting area through a modern reception desk.  This combination of old and new seamlessly blends together, creating a unique atmosphere that pays homage to the past while also showcasing modern design.

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The second floor is where all the action happens. With offices that are unique in design and a conference room that exudes a sense of gravitas, this is the space where all the magic happens. As you step into the space, you're welcomed into a peaceful reception area that immediately puts you at ease. From there, you can step into one of the carefully curated offices, designed to foster creativity and inspiration. Or, you can head to the conference room and hunker down for a productive meeting. Regardless of where you go, you'll feel energized and inspired by the present moment. 

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The third floor is a hub of creativity, where the future is shaped and ideas are born. The space is a welcoming and collaborative atmosphere that encourages brainstorming, playing, and fellowship. As you step inside, the old beams give a sense of the building's history and the revitalized space inspires thoughts of what the future could hold. It's a place to relax and think, to let your imagination run wild and to collaborate with like-minded individuals. The third floor is a lively space that ignites inspiration and creativity, making it the perfect spot to explore new ideas and shape the future.

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