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Simply Sophisticated


Large Renovation


Shaker Heights, Ohio

The home is truly a place of comfort and personal expression, where every room reflects its inhabitants' style and taste. One such space is the kitchen, which boasts custom lighting that perfectly complements the island's color. The inviting glow casts a warm aura that beckons both family and friends to gather around the table. Meanwhile, the primary bathroom impresses with its intricate floor tiles and gorgeous natural wood cabinets. Every detail has been carefully selected to create a peaceful retreat for rest and relaxation. Lastly, a family room has been transformed into a refined office with the addition of classic paneling and a custom built-in storage cabinet. As a result, this once-casual area now exudes sophistication and productivity, making it the perfect workspace for anyone in need of a calm and productive environment. Overall, this home is truly a sight to be seen, with each room serving as a unique reflection of the homeowner's impeccable taste.

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